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Donald Sterling has been vowing to change his ways following the recorded phone conversation heard around the word. But sometimes, words speak even louder than actions and his disparaging comments towards his wife during a recent court appearance reveal that his heart remains unmoved.

During a testimony yesterday, July 9, over the rights to sell the Los Angeles Clippers, Sterling rejected his wife’s public affection and called her the farm animal that goes “oink, oink.”

Via Fox Sports:

Shelly Sterling had just stepped down from the witness stand after the judge called for the end of Wednesday’s testimony and approached her husband of 58 years, apparently to give him a hug.

“Get away from me, you pig,” Donald Sterling blurted out in the sweltering courtroom, in which every one of the 102 seats was occupied.

Two sheriff’s deputies took stations in the courtroom’s center aisle, between Donald Sterling, sitting in the front row on one side, and Shelly Sterling, who returned to her seat on the other side, obviously upset. She later was escorted out of the courtroom in tears.

In the meantime, Judge Michael Levanas rejected a request from Shelly Sterling’s lawyers that Donald Sterling be removed from the courtroom. But he made it clear that he found Sterling’s comment “somewhat disturbing.”

Sterling’s, attorney Bobby Samini attempted to make his client seem frustrated more than hateful, telling the press, “Emotions were really high in the courtroom today. Donald felt upset watching Shelly’s testimony, felt betrayed by it. Obviously not a happy time for him,” he concluded.

The battle over ownership of the Clippers has been entangled in soap opera drama with Sterling changing his mind on whether he will wave the white flag or not.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer has been patiently waiting to purchase the team for an astounding $2 billion dollars.

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