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Poor V. Stiviano, she took a major “L” in court yesterday. Nobody ever said the “sugar baby” life was easy. 

Stiviano was ordered to return $2.6 million worth of gifts to Donald Sterling’s wife, Shelly. Mrs. Sterling sued Stiviano after her husband’s whole “don’t bring Black people to my games” fiasco. She argued that, as part executor of the family’s estate, Stiviano had no right to keep the all to all the stuff she got from the ex Clippers owner.

Reports USA Today:

Shelly Sterling’s victory Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court will force V. Stiviano to surrender a $1.8 million duplex and return $800,000 lavished on her in cash handouts and several luxury cars, including a Ferrari, during a shadowy relationship.

Shelly Sterling claimed that Stiviano seduced her 80-year-old husband and manipulated him to give up community property the couple amassed through a real estate rental empire built over six decades of marriage.

“Shelly is thrilled with the decision,” attorney Pierce O’Donnell said.

Stiviano plans to appeal. “We are very disappointed,” her lawyer Mac Nehoray said. “Judges are supposed to interpret the law, not make them.”

In the year since she put Sterling’s racism all the way on blast, Stiviano has been hustling hard to keep her name out there. From the looks of her Instagram, she’s working on a book, selling hats with her name on them, and trolling Sterling every now and again. It’s all in a day’s work.

Click below too view some of her pics.

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