v. stiviano

Poor V. Stiviano, she took a major “L” in court yesterday. Nobody ever said the “sugar baby” life was easy. 

V. Stiviano must have checked her watch and saw she was on her 16th minute of fame because the controversial figure is back in the news with slanderous accusations at her alleged boyfriend, Donald Sterling.

V. Stiviano, the Donald Sterling whistleblower and frontrunner for Queen Thot 2K14, is still relishing in her 15 minutes of fame. So much in fact, she’s allowing her delusion of grandeur cloud her ability to be able to differentiate a diss between a dap.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was pulled into the Donald Sterling fiasco after he wrote an op-ed piece in TIME magazine questioning all the fuss around the Los Angeles Clippers owner’s racist comments. As one of the NBA‘s living legends, Abdul-Jabbar once more addressed the matter by saying racism of Sterling’s sort is alive and well in white America.

V. Stiviano says the world has it all wrong about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, claiming that he isn’t racist although the recorded audio suggests otherwise. In a revealing interview, Stiviano defends Sterling and confirms a few other shocking details about their ongoing relationship as well.

Now that the Donald Sterling struggle saga has a light at the end of the tunnel (lifetime ban, several owners lined up), V. Stiviano is free to pen a book, join the cast of Basketball Wives or whatever scandal magnets do in situations like this. Instead, she’s increasing her allure and candidacy for Weirdo Rookie […]

The Donald Sterling saga continues to get even more repulsive by the day. But at the heart of this scandal is a female named V. Stiviano. But who is she really?

The original audio of Donald Sterling advising that his Black and Mexican girlfriend (and Superhead’s buddy) stop posting pics with Black people on Instagram, or bring them to basketballl games was nine minutes long. Now, a 15-minute long version of the conversation has been revealed and it only adds to the Los Angeles Clippers owners […]

While the L.A. Clippers — that NBA team comprised of mostly Black players (like all of the other teams in the league) — are busy trying to knock the Golden State Warriors out of the playoffs, team owner Donald Sterling is busy trying to keep Black people away from his entire existence. The irony of […]