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V. Stiviano, the Donald Sterling whistleblower and frontrunner for Queen Thot 2K14, is still relishing in her 15 minutes of fame. So much in fact, she’s allowing her delusion of grandeur cloud her ability to be able to differentiate a diss between a dap.

While shopping at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, the V in “voicemail vendetta” told TMZ that Drake’s “Side Piece” serenade during the 2014 ESPY Awards was “a pretty big compliment” when he mentioned her name.

For those that missed it, Drake’s musical performance during his hosting duties at the sports awards came in comedic format, as he dedicated a song to all the mistresses and athletes who kept girlfriends out of public view. He named Stiviano the “Side Piece of the Year,” before reworking his hit “Worst Behavior” into a song titled, “Donald Sterling Never Loved Us.”

It was harmonious roast, meant to offend but Stiviano didn’t seem to mind one bit.

“I loved his performance. Drake is awesome,” she said with a smile. In a twist of airheaded fate, she claimed to not have seen the Donald Sterling diss song which was merged into the side piece bit.

It should also be noted that her Ferrari is no longer in her possession, replaced with a spiffy, vintage Volvo. Sterling has since moved on with an upgraded African-American version of her.

You can’t have your cake and charge it on your platinum card too.

Flip through the gallery below to see the flicks from her latest outing. You care.

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