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Now that the Donald Sterling struggle saga has a light at the end of the tunnel (lifetime ban, several owners lined up), V. Stiviano is free to pen a book, join the cast of Basketball Wives or whatever scandal magnets do in situations like this. Instead, she’s increasing her allure and candidacy for Weirdo Rookie of the Year with public appearances in a robotic visor, resembling the unwanted member of Daft Punk.

With all the news bits she’s stirred up in the past week, apparently no one has passed her the memo that we know what she looks like. Or Star Wars already has finalized its cast. None the matter, she braved through the paparazzi cameras and reporters–all thirsty for an exclusive comment–yesterday (May 1) for the ever-important mission of getting her nails done.

Accompanied by a friend wearing a hat embroidered with her name (!?), Ms. Stiviano was also spotted flaunting the better side of Donald Sterling’s bank account, pulling up in a shiny red Ferrari.

The Los Angeles Clippers claimed to that Sterling was in the process of suing her for embezzlement and she had vowed to get even, which she obviously did by leaking a lengthy conversation she recorded with him spewing all sorts of bigotry in her ear.

Peep the flicks of the gallery of Vanessa Stiviano out and about and peeling off with massive horsepower in her fingertips. Apparently she can see out of that thing.

Photo: WENN

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