10. Erica Mena Cold-Cocks Rich Dollaz’s Jumpoff on Love & Hip Hop

Summary: Technically, this counts, because this appeared on a show with “Hip Hop” in the title. In any event, Erica Mena isn’t the first girl to beat the brakes off of Rich Dollaz’s jumpoff, “Tiffy Lew” (a/k/a Tiffany Lewis), but she did it with such New York flair & attitude that her ass-kicking is the only one that matters. Erica threw the sole punch in the fight, and she made it count — peep the end, where the dirty bird’s nose is leaking like her other body parts (allegedly, according to Mena) do.

Winner: Erica Mena. “Tiffy Lew” lost the fight before it even began — she considers being a “jumpoff” of a Z-grade “manager” an accomplishment. Her subsequent failure as a “model” (read: groupie posing near-naked with her butt in the air) only adds insult to injury (pun intended). But don’t fret, Tiffy Lew — UPS is always hiring.

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