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Brisk Bodega brings us a special message from Mobb Deep, who take time out of their day to teach us how to relax.

In a recent sit-down, Havoc and Prodigy shared relaxation techniques with Noisey for their latest Rap PSA segment.

Of course, it’s imperative to know when to slip into chill mode if you’re a hardcore rap clique that rhyme about the street life and hail from one of the most notorious hoods in the nation (Queensbridge, Queens, New York, USA).

Simple things like lighting candles and spinning some old Soul are crucial to maintaining a healthy equilibrium according to Hav, who also favors downtime in the shower. “The shower, that’s very relaxing. That’s probably my most relaxing part of the day.”

In short, these two talk about the routines everyone practices at some point or another. But it’s good to be reminded that unwinding is an essential component of the daily grind.

Watch the full clip below.

Photo: YouTube