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If you thought Canibus pulling out a book of written rhymes during a rap battle was despicable, lend your attention to the struggle Cadalack Ron pulled at his recent freestyle feud.

The Vice President of Full Psycho Records took his metaphors to an entirely new level when he shot heroin during a battle.

Via The Guardian:

Depressingly, the sparse crowd laugh and whoop their encouragement as he executes the injection – “This is all the way live!” is one onlooker’s assessment of the distinctly non-alive-looking MC’s minute-long diversion from the matter at hand – and Ron then goes on to deliver a final verse (almost exlusively about his love of drugs) that seems to become less coherent and more slurred as it progresses. As one might expect.

The degeneration of an already halting, stumbling performance into slurred words, rambling freestyles and an abrupt call of time from one of the co-hosts certainly seem pretty authentic. It’s well known, mainly because he never shuts up about it, that Cadalack Ron is a long-time drug addict, but this recent performance, heroin shot or not, is pretty shocking for those used to seeing the rapper adequately buff and with a full head of hair. With his sunken cheeks and general appearance of a man who would be blown over by a gentle breeze, he seems to have gone from looking like Kid Rock, to looking like a kid on rock.

Start at the 9:30 mark if your heart is up for it. He immediately launched into a heroin lyrical after injecting his veins with the poison.

This is beyond sad.

H/T: ThisIs50

Photo: YouTube