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Yesterday (May 27), 50 Cent had the pleasure of throwing the opening pitch at a New York Mets game at Citi Field in his native Queens. But who knew that things would go so far left (pun intended) when the deed went down?

The G-Unit rapper postured himself to pitch with the utmost confidence — as if he’s done it before — only for his throw to be the worse in recent memory. Conspiracy theorists think that 50 may have trolled onlookers; he threw the pitch left handed for starters. Twitter, however, had no qualms in dismissing all potential possibilities or reasoning for the rap star’s misstep on the pitching mound.

Instead, detractors flooded the Twitter-sphere with slanderous remarks, memes, and the like. Yes, we’ve seen this story entirely too many times, but like always, the buzzard-like mannerisms of the Internets is often too hilarious to ignore.

Hit the jump to see a gallery of tweets about 50 Cent’s dismal pitch.

Photo: Twitter, YouTube

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