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Boko Haram militants reportedly dressed up like soldiers and killed Nigerian 200 civilians during an interim period where the rest of the world is waiting on dozens of kidnapped girls to be returned home.

Reports NBC:

The slaughter was confirmed by both Mohammed Ali Ndume, a senator representing Borno and whose hometown is Gwoza, and by a top security official in Maiduguri who insisted on anonymity because he isn’t allowed to speak to the media.

Militants of Boko Haram, which wants to establish Islamic state in Nigeria, have been taking over villages in the northeast, killing and terrorizing civilians and political leaders as the Islamic fighters make a comeback from a year-long military offensive aimed at crushing them. The death toll from Monday’s attacks is among the highest.

Nigeria’s military has insisted that the big influx of troops and a year-old state of emergency in three states which gives them the power to detain suspects, take over buildings and lock down any area has the extremists on the run.

It took a few days for survivors to get word of the massacres to Maiduguri, the provincial capital, because travel on the roads is extremely dangerous and phone connections are poor or nonexistent.

Perhaps more disturbing than the public genocide is that the Nigerian rested on their laurels after being alerted of the imminent attack several days prior.

Lucky for citizens in fear of their safety, help is on the way as the United States is preparing to lend the country a bit of military aid.

Witnesses say the Boko Haram army is only being thwarted with a dozen police officers. Take a look at the visual state of affairs in the gallery below.

Photos: NBC

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