terrorist attacks

A van crashed into a throng of people in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas area earlier today (Aug. 17), leaving 13 dead and over 100 others injured, including a three-year-old girl. Officials in Spain have determined that the crash was a terrorist attack with the Islamic State claiming the responsibility.

Egyptian officials are scrambling the calm the concerns of its citizens among the Christian minority after a pair of blasts in the cities of Tanta and Alexandria has left dozens dead on Palm Sunday. According to still-developing reports, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.


Yes, white people can be terrorists (despite the biases of the justice system), too. The FBI arrested a man who was plotting a Dylann Roof-inspired attack on a synagogue in South Carolina.

The country of France is once more united in mourning after what officials are labeling a terror attack in Nice took the lives of 84 people. A driver of a large truck filled with weapons ran down revelers who were celebrating the country’s Bastille Day as they watched fireworks.

Donald Trump’s differentiation skills between World Islam and radicalism and extremists apparently doesn’t exist in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

As the French vows to show ISIS “no mercy” following the attacks on their own soil that left 129 people dead, the world is being introduced to a rather unlikely ally in the war against the Islamic State regime. Much like they did with the KKK, a sect of the hacker intelligence society Anonymous is […]

Upset over Facebook’s response to Paris, and disregard for terrorist attacks in Beirut, Kenya and other locations, has forced a change in the company’s policy. After Facebook turned on the Paris Security Check Friday, approximately four million people marked themselves as safe on the social networking site, sending notifications out to more than 350 million […]

The Paris attacks that left 129 people dead on Friday have weighed heavily on everyone across the globe. It has also inspired Yasiin Bey to step in the studio to record a freeform new track titled “NO Colonial Fiction.”

Three Americans who had a hand in taking down a would-be global terrorist in France last week, have been awarded the country’s highest acknowledgement; the Legion of Honor.

The suspected Islamic terrorist attack at an American-owned gas factory in France now has a confirmation.

The recent Taliban school attacks in Pakistan has left the entire world grieving to the point where even rival terrorists are saying the maneuver went to the extreme.

The Taliban are taking responsibility for a cowardly attack on a Pakistani school that left more than 140 people dead, with the bulk of the casualties being school children.