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The Paris attacks that left 129 people dead on Friday have weighed heavily on everyone across the globe. It has also inspired Yasiin Bey to step in the studio to record a freeform new track titled “NO Colonial Fiction.”

The song harbors on sentiments of peace, love and unity as well as giving the family of Tamir Rice his heartfelt condolences.

While appearing on the podcast A Country Called Earth, the MC formerly known as Mos Def elaborated on the incident and lashed out at the terrorist group who has since claimed responsibility for the ungodly acts of malice.

“A big giant ‘f**k off’ to ISIS,” he said during his discussion with Ferrari Sheppard. “You don’t represent nothing about Islam or nothing about the prophet.”

He continued, “Love must and will prevail,” he said. “I don’t care how corny it sounds. The world has been in a state of emergency. The problem is not Islam or organized religion. The problem is people’s lack of compassion and care for themselves and their fellow human beings. We don’t treat each other well. We need to treat each other better.”

Listen to “NO Colonial Fiction” as well as the 20-minute conversation regarding the sad situation in Paris down below.

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