An armed man was arrested at an Asheville, North Carolina airport after being found with a hand gun and caught listening to police frequencies while “waiting for The President.”

23-year-old Joseph Sean McVey is in police custody after officers became suspicious of the man’s vehicle parked near a gate at the end of the terminal.

The car had a digital camera on the dashboard, four large antennas on the trunk lid, a siren and flashing lights even though McVey has no ties to law enforcement.

When police and Secret Service asked him what he was doing, he reportedly told them he heard Obama was in town and said he “wanted to see the president.”

When police searched him they found a Springfield XD 40 handgun and formulas for rifle scopes on a sticky note in the vehicle.

The police will not say what the formulas may have meant but charged McVey with going armed in terror of the public, a misdemeanor.

No word on whether further charges will be filed.

The Secret Service says the President was in no in danger, his flight took off at 2 p.m., around the time McVey was being questioned by police.

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