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Now, while the creativity and artistry behind Nas is rarely unmatched by any other rapper of the past or the present, in terms of rhyming, the backdrop to his storytelling tell is one that many prefer to steer away from.

Throughout his career, the rapper has created the voice, but the production choice has made some wish that Nas would just go in a cappella.

Stemming all the way back to Illmatic, the beats have continued to be questionable and haunted his career, but speaking with BET, the QB native expresses why it’s a victim of circumstances.

“Well I have a wish list sometimes or I have a dream list of who I would love to work with and wish they would want to get in the studio and do records or whatever.”

After such an extensive career, many can wonder why the dream list has ever come to life.  Who in the game wouldn’t want to work with the rapper?

“Then I have my own ideas of being a producer. And what happens is a lot of time goes by with me being indecisive so it winds up with me kind of like doing what I have to do really fast because I played around for so long. Then, the deadlines come.”

So, instead of being a victim of circumstances, the beats are a victim to indecisiveness and procrastination.  Fans know that Nas has the lyrics, something that has yet to be doubted, but its time to step in up with the background music.

Hopefully Distant Relatives will rub off or at least Damian Marley will intercept when Nas creates his next studio album.