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First we heard that Rick Ross did not perform at a Detroit venue because he allegedly feared for his life. Then the Bawse himself told us he never even made it to the venue and went to a casino. Now Trick Trick finally chimes in to tell us we all are too thirsty for negativity.

In an 11 minute video titled “Trick Trick Message” that was released on the internets recently, the mayor of the D addresses all the speculation.

My “No Fly Zone” ain’t about taking nobody’s money. I don’t want your motherf–king money. Nobody. What the f–k I look like telling somebody you got to pay me to come to my town? Don’t you think I would have been in f–king prison if that’s what was going on? And as far as the incident the other day, you see what the f–k the police said – no arrests were made. So what the f–k did I do wrong? That man said didn’t nothing happen to him. He’s correct, nothing happened to him.

While Trick does no get into details about what exactly occurred, he did mention that he showed the Detroit natives that were present at the concert hall how to stand up for themselves in a non-violent manner:

All I did was show brothers how to stand for something and stand for it without being violent. What the f–k is the problem with that? Didn’t nobody get arrested, wasn’t was no bloodshed, didn’t nothing happen wrong other than some people got disappointed in not seeing who they wanted to see. And for that ladies and gentleman I apologize. But me and that man’s business is me and that man’s business. 

The diatribe also went on to touch on the subject of respect which might lead to further speculation that there is some type of riff between the two rappers.

Surviving in the real world requires respect and being respectful. When you go to another man’s house you wipe your feet and you speak. I don’t want your money man. If you coming here to get a 100,000 dollars by all means brother get your 100,000 dollars. But understand these people done come and paid money to come and see you. The natives have come to support you and be apart of your movement. Don’t take their money and turn your ass at them. You don’t owe them no money; but respect them. 

You can watch the video in it’ entirety below.

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