Politics and religion. The two topics of discussion you’re taught to steer clear of as youth. Where as the former usually draws its allegiance from a particular social standing, the latter is based on faith principles that are usually instilled during upbringing. To go against one’s religious beliefs is the equivalent of badmouthing their mother. The discussion never ends well.

Moguldom Films latest documentary, Black Church Inc. challenges the sacred union between church members and one very distinct hub of organized religion: the Black church.

Christianity knows many colors, credos and sects but since the apex of slavery in America, there have been African-Americans who decided to worship Jesus by the custom design of their choosing. Like the Catholic churches in the centuries past, the Black congregation has grown into a business, and in some instances, using the cloth to mask its corruption.

Members of Moguldom Media Group including President of Entertainment Brett Dismuke and Bossip’s Deputy Editor Janeé Bolden were in attendance for the BET Experience Film Festival, which ran adjacent to the 2014 BET Awards. The hour-long film was screened at Regal Cinemas LA Live for dozens of curious viewers, whose interest piqued even more during the Q&A portion of the event.

As previously stated, actively questioning financial matters (or overall intent) of a church is grounds for opening a holy can of worms, but Dismuke explained the idea for the film came about from what MMG’s readers were saying in the comments on the site.

“We are not trying to take a stance,” he clarified to the audience. “We do not have an opinion. By taking that data and putting it on film, we allow the debate to continue. This one in particular it was hard to present both sides of the argument because the debates online are one-sided. There are not a lot of people defending the mega churches. Not saying those people don’t exist but they really aren’t present on sites like Madame Noire or Mommy Noire.”

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