Giving truth to the base Dismuke said the film was rooted in, members of the audience conveyed various reactions. One woman inadvertently went on a tangent about her futile experiences in her church home and another admitted to seeing her church in the film, vowing to return on Sunday to ask more questions. But there was no outrage to the tidbits of information that had witnessed like preachers such as Creflo Dollar and Bishop Eddie Long showing their keen understanding of the IRS laws which shields them from having to account for the cash they take in.

Even members of the audience who refrained from asking any questions nodded in silent approval to themselves as the exited the theater. The film offered up a unabiased platform from experts such as CNN’s John Blake to display their educated opinions and gave viewers manna food for thought.

Black Church Inc. is available for purchase/rent on iTunes, Google Play and more. Click through the gallery to see more scenes from the screening.

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