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Contrary to widespread reports, Jeremy Meeks did not get a modeling contract worth thousands of dollars in potential income.

Via Gawker:

On Wednesday, numerous media outlets, including the Washington Post, the Daily Mail and, ahem, Gawker, reported that famously photogenic mean-mugger Jeremy Meeks had landed a $30,000 contract with L.A.’s Blaze Modelz. Their source? A one-minute video from last Thursday’s episode of TMZ. Not too surprisingly, that story didn’t hold up when investigated by Bullet writer and anti-bullshit crusader Luke O’Neil, who took the unprecedented step of asking someone if it was true.

“We haven’t even talked to Blaze Management at all,” Meeks representative Brandi Snail told O’Neil, a statement she confirmed this morning to Gawker via email, saying, “He has not signed to Blaze Modelz nor has he been signed to any modeling agency.” So unless the economics of modelz-ing are somehow completely different from every other industry, a $30,000 hand-off is pretty unlikely. As for that figure, it’s said by exactly no one in the source video, apparently coming from an earlier TMZ article stating Meeks could potentially make that much in a month as a model.

In fact, the news of this was so erroneous, his publicist, Gina Rodriguez slammed the NYDailyNews for even making up quotes about her.

“Amazing that @NYDailyNews Just keeps making up stories. Jeremy did NOT sign with any modeling contract & we have NOT ever spoke to Blaze,” she exclaimed on her Twitter account. “They also quoted me & I have not even spoken to them.”

Although he’s not quite a model yet (and there is some sort of trial and criminal charges that loom ahead), Meeks is allegedly already acting like a celebrity in the bing.

TMZ has discovered that his attorney is looking to ban his client from getting photographed in his orange jumpsuit. The nerve.

Take a looking a Rodriguez’s tabloid bashing in the gallery below.

Photos: Stockton Police Department, Twitter/GR Media Firm

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