Two of the game’s most favored Hip-Hop wifey’s spent the 4th of July holiday with a Cash Money Millionaire.

If you’re thinking Lil Wayne, you’re off the mark. It was Paris Hilton who threw a star-studded party in Malibu to celebrate the country’s Independence Day. Amber Rose and Christina Milian were among the many guests who added a serious dose of eye candy to the festivities.

“Thanks @CurbStand for making it all happen at my #4thofJuly #Malibu Beach Party Tinkerbell looks great as a Junior Valet Attendant Need a doggie,” the hotel heiress said on her social media.

The “Muvarosebud” was still clinging to the white body-hugging garments that made her one of the center attractions of the 2014 BET Awards red carpet. When she bumped into actor Ryan Phillippe at the party, she revealed her baby with Wiz Khalifa was named after his character in 1999’s Cruel Intentions.

Check out the beach body pics in the gallery which include emphasis on Christina’s newly single model frame and Amber engaging in a little triple tongue kiss action.

Photos: VALPO NNEWs/, Instagram/Paris Hilton, Amber Rose, Christina Milian

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