Old habits dying hard has Apollo Edard Nida back to a familiar place. Nida, 35, was sentenced to eight years in prison yesterday (July 8) for an elaborate multi-million money scheme defrauding pension holders all around the county.

As a cast member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Nida’s family life has been put on display for the last four years. But behind the reality TV cameras, and unbeknownst to his lawyer wife, Nida created fake companies and fraudulent bank accounts to steal some $2.8 million from victims.

The crime spree came to an end in January of this year. He surrendered to federal authorities on fraud charges and freed on $25,000 bail. During his time out Nida continued to appear on the RHOA and the reunion show. Now, with eight years staring him down (although he could’ve gotten up to 30 years), the father of two is ready to put the whole thing behind him, according to his lawyer’s statement to People. “Apollo is elated that this proceeding is past him and is no longer handing over his head. It meant everything to him that his mother and brother spoke on his behalf. He’s OK, and will get through this.”

It’s not uncommon for convicted felons to return to the criminal life, and in Nida’s case it’s hard to tell if he’s truly a victim of his environment, as he has claimed, or merely a skilled career criminal.

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Photo: Instagram

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