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Did Stephen A. Smith deserve that weeklong suspension? He doesn’t deny going a little off the rails with his First Take commentary on Ray Rice, domestic violence, and not provoking a beating, only the apology efforts weren’t enough.

Explaining himself didn’t calm the medium-rare skewering he got on Twitter, and now he’s out of work for a week. On the other hand, he just got a job with Sirius XM radio, so maybe the time off is good thing. Plus, he’ll be back on August 6.

Meanwhile, people are pretty upset with ESPN. Some are saying the network pulled a knee-jerk move, to cut any waiting petitioners off at the pass. Is it possible that the network truly believed that Smith deserved punishment for his words? And how come nobody cares about Whoopi Goldberg?

There are no solid conclusions here. Thankfully, Twitter thinks it has the answers.

Check out some of the reactions in the gallery.

Photo: ESPN

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