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“I was like a fan finding out, because it was like, ‘Oh word, that’s what’s going on?’ I hadn’t talked to Jim when it first happened.”

While the world of Hip-Hop has been in high anticipation for the long-awaited reunion of the Diplomats, everything still doesn’t seem settled.

Although Cam’Ron and Jim Jones have clearly made amends, by the why the media presents it, there is a question lingering in regards to Juelz Santana’s take on the situation.

Finally addressing the situation, Santana spoke with Hot97 on everything that’s been going on in rebuilding the Diplomats.

“Cam and Jim have definitely spoke, me and Jim have talked about putting everything together and putting the past behind usAt the end of the day, I’m willing to be a big person and put whatever I got to put to the side and if the fans want an album, we can do that.”

The rapper also commended Cam and Jimmy for finding a way to put the politics to the side and start talking again.

“I kinda heard it through the Internet and then it was the same type of way, then I spoke with Jim…I’m happy that they were able to do that.”

Byrd Gang, Skull Gang, the U.N., all are entities that were created as a result of the Diplomats.  If the Dipset is intact once again, rappers will be in trouble when the movement begins moving once again.