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Tensions remain high in Ferguson, Mo. as citizens gathered throughout the weekend to protest the shooting death of unarmed teen Mike Brown by police last Saturday. As information about the incident slowly made its way to various media outlets, the details to come were chilling.

Although there hasn’t been any evidence produced by Ferguson police, St. Louis County police chief Jon Belmar claims that a struggle between Brown and an officer over a gun resulted in the shooting.

On Twitter, eyewitnesses chimed in saying that they saw the entire ordeal take place. They added that Brown was stalked by the unidentified officer then gunned down,  and his body was in the streets for hours before he was removed. There were also rumors of video but nothing substantial has come forward yet.

For much of Sunday, residents of St. Louis and St. Louis County have used social media to give running accounts on activities on the ground. St. Louis rapper Vandalyzm was one of the first in the city to provide a firsthand Twitter account of protesters and their confrontations with Ferguson police force.

Fellow rapper Tef Poe also joined the front lines of the protest, tweeting that riots began in the city around 10:00 p.m. Alderman Antonio French has been active in taking Vine videos of the brewing situation all Sunday. KMOV reporter Brittany Noble has also used her social media accounts to great effect in covering the story.

The information continues to pour in at a dizzying pace, even into the late hours of the night where reports of riots and looting have come forth.

International hacking group Anonymous announced earlier that it joined the protest. The group launched #OpFerguson and stated it will wage a cyber-war on St. Louis County and surrounding jurisdictions if harm comes to protesters at the hands of police.

This story will certainly develop. We will update when we can.

Hit the following pages to see tweets, images and other content regarding the ongoing situation in Ferguson, Mo. sparked by the shooting death of Mike Brown. A warning: some images may be disturbing.

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