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If dictionaries paid out royalties, Drake would be looking for a check right. YOLO is among the latest words added to Oxford dictionary. 

Reports the Washington Post:

It’s unclear whether Drake will ever reap any royalties for foisting “YOLO” upon American culture in “The Motto,” but maybe he’ll rest easy knowing it’s earned one more speck of legitimacy in the nation’s lexicon.

That’s right: “YOLO” (“you only live once”) is in the Oxford online dictionary.

That’s not to be confused with Oxford’s tonier, more exclusive cousin, the Oxford English Dictionary — the bound and more tightly edited dead-tree format. But it’s still something, right? This isn’t the first time the folks at Oxford Dictionaries have tossed a little love “YOLO’s” way. It was among the runners-up for U.S. word of the year in 2012, but ultimately lost out to “GIF.”

Drake isn’t the only rapper who can say they influenced an addition to the dictionary. “Cray,” which was popularized by Kanye West on “Ni**as In Paris” was also added. Other words making the cut included “SMH,” “binge-watch,” “side-boob,” “adorbs” and “hot mess.”

FREE ADVICE: Grown men don’t say adorbs, bruh.