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After much debate, Jamaica’s prime minister has finally decided to let up from his initial decision and will now allow a drug kingpin to be extradited to the United States.

Participating in a struggle that lasted nine-months with Washington, Prime Minister Bruce Golding announced Monday that he would be the U.S.’s request to have Christopher “Dudus” Coke returned.

Son of the Shower Posse leader Lester Lloyd Coke, more commonly known as Jim Brown, his father was an integral factor during the 1980s cocaine wars.  U.S. prosecutors stated that his son took over the organization after his death in 1991 from a prison fire while waiting to be returned to the United States.

Under the direction of the younger Coke, the members have been able to distribute marijuana and crack cocaine in New York, along with other areas, and send the profits back to him, according to U.S. authorities.

Coke is currently facing life in prison if he is convicted of the charges against him in New York.

The decision came with an immense amount of potential backlash as there was fear of those that supported Coke and what they might do.  Before the official announcement was even declared, the streets of Kingston were cleared as businesses and government agencies felt it was in their best interest to close early and avoid any type of harm or being a casualty to violence.

Coke allegedly has control over an arsenal of gunman inside a barricaded neighborhood of west Kingston which is represented by Golding in parliament.

Supporters for Coke were rumored to have stockpiled weapons which would be utilized to prevent his arrest once they became aware of the request for him to be extradited back in August.

Upon hearing the news, Coke is ready to fight back and his lawyer, Tom Tavares-Finson, has stated that his client is gearing up to take the issue to court and ensured that there would be no violence on his behalf.

Golding has also stated that the U.S.indictment implemented illegal wiretap evidence, but at this point, the back and forth has only placed too much attention in the wrong area and signing the authorization will enable the country to place its energy and attention on more dire matters.

Although being given the moniker of a drug lord, Coke is known to keep a high public profile within the ghettos and reports have stated that he has handed out cash and school supplies for children in need.  His civil services have also included assistance in maintaining order by utilizing his authority to punish thieves and other criminals as the government has minimal presence in that particular area.