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Every man has a dark side and Twista has been digging deep to put his on display for his most recent LP. Not to say that he went full Lucifer on his ninth studio album Dark Horse, but the newest video for the single “Devil’s Angels” has the motor-mouthed MC commanding the forces of darkness to accomplish his mission.

Using an apocalyptic bass line as his war march, Twista spits flames from the bowels of the beast’s belly–literally. The CGI blessed visual pictures the Chicagoan standing in the carcass of a giant monster. In other scenes, he’s marching in the metropolitan area with an army of skeletons as they head towards a Roman Catholic Church to melt the stain glass windows.

The entire scenery looks like a Final Fantasy video game with a Hip-Hop twist. Sickening.

Watch the entire video below and support the battle of souls on iTunes.