Illuminated citizens and protestors in New York City allowed their thoughts on the Gaza conflicts to be heard loud in clear when they hoisted a giant Palestinian flag on top of the Manhattan bridge (yesterday August 20).

The flag, which featured anti-Israel remarks, flown tried and true for about a half an hour until NYPD cleared the party.

Via NYMag:

While about 500 people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge as part of a planned march to “show NYC’s support for Palestine and resistance to Israeli’s campaign of aggression, occupation, and ethnic cleansing,” someone unfurled a giant Palestinian flag that read “boycott, divest, sanction,” on the Manhattan Bridge.

Police took the flag down within 30 minutes, and no arrests were made on Wednesday night. The incident will not be treated as a security breach like the white flags German artists put on the Brooklyn Bridge last month, but some think it should be. Councilman David Greenfield called the flag “anti-Israel & anti-Semitic,” on Twitter and said, “The dropping of another illegal flag on a major NYC bridge leads to the question of whether @NYPDnews is still capable of protecting NYC.”

Flip through the gallery to see pictures of the protest. Are you yelling “Free Palestine” as well?

Photos: Twitter/Noura

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