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A convicted pimp in New Jersey who identifies himself as “Prince” has been sentenced to 18 years behind bars for running a human trafficking and prostitution ring.

Allen “Prince” Brown will be in jail till his 60th birthday after pleading guilty to enslaving girls as young as 17 and forcing them to turn tricks.

Prosecutors say Brown forced the women to make at least $500 a night on weekdays and $1000 on weekends or they were denied entry into his upscale home, beaten or denied drugs.

He also reportedly extorted a woman for $600,000 of her inheritance money and handcuffed and forced a woman to become a heroin addict for not wanting to sell herself.

The New Jersey Journal reports that when he appeared in court he told his lawyer, “I’m tired of your bullShyte” and showed his shock over his 18 year prison sentence saying, “18 years?!”

What is going on with his hair???!