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Big Sean’s comeback is in full swing after joining the Roc Nation team and releasing a handful of new tracks.

Obviously the most talked about of the bunch is “IDFWY,” an emotionally charged breakup record with lyrics that sound extremely personal.

Prior to the aforementioned news, the biggest story associated with the G.O.O.D. music golden child was his abrupt breakup with Glee actress Naya Rivera and her subsequent shotgun marriage. MTV told Sean that he sounded angry on the song and he immediately denied feeling that way when he recorded it.

“I wasn’t angry, man,” Sean calmly stated. “You know, the funny thing about ‘I Don’t F**k With You’ is that I actually wrote that while I was in a relationship. I wasn’t bitter. I wrote that while I was with my ex.”

And there you have it from the horse’s mouth. Whether you choose to believe it is on you.

Take a look at the MTV interview below.