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Not so fast there Roger Goodell, Twitter wants a word with you after today’s (Sept. 19) press conference. No matter how hard he tried, Goodell can’t seem to piece his already fledgling reputation back together ever since that new Ray Rice video came out. 

There was lot to learn from his press confernce though. First off, Goodell isn’r resigning, so don’t ask him again. He’s “acknowledged” his mistake and therefore cleared himself of any job-related repercussion.

There’s also a new committee in place that will look more closely at situations like this one. One reporter mentioned that there are no Black women on said committee, even though the NFL is comprised up of a mostly Black players. Goodell said that’s not true. There is a Black lady involved in some capacity, so that answers that.

Other questions were cleared up too. For example, that random person at TMZ who managed to get their hands on the Rice elevator footage, and an AP report stating that an NFL employee saw the video and left a voicemail confirming receipt, are all unimportant parts of this story. Goodell doesn’t know anything about any of that.

Watch video of the press conference (it’s pretty long, be warned) below, and Twitter responses in the gallery.

Photo: YouTube

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