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“It was just really weird how everything went down because I’ve never met somebody that abusive in my life except for my father when I was growing up.”

When a person is going through a revolving door of relationships, sometimes it might not be the person that someone is dating; it might just be the man/woman in the mirror.

With Joe Budden’s recent tumultuous relationships, the latest break up with Somaya Reece has resulted in the *model talking to The Syndies speaking  on the type of abuse she had to endure at the hands of the New Jersey rapper.

“He’s like verbally and mentally abusive, like real bad. Really bad. You can see what he does online — I don’t think he’s a bad person, I think there’s a deep, emotional rooted problem with him…I’ve never publicly embarrassed him.”

Reece even opened up on how the two even ended up getting together, adding that Budden was very persistent and had her on his radar for quite some time.

“He’s super out-going, fun and he kept bugging my friend Crooked I like, ‘Yo, hook me up’ — Joey’s like a really nice guy, he’s funny. The thing is, I didn’t know anything about him…He asked me to be his girlfriend and yeah, I did say yes, he was on the road when this happened.”

While the rapper might be able to snag these women, Tahiry and Reece have shown that his retention rate is faltering.  Let’s see how things turn out now that there is an interest in Esther Baxter.

*Apologies folks.  By request of Ms. Reece, should would, from this point forward, prefer to not be referred to as a model, but instead, an Internet sensation.  Thanks for the time, you may now return to your regularly programmed lives.

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