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Odd Future’s third annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival is just around the corner and Tyler, The Creator got a huge plug for it by appearing on Los Angeles’ KTLA morning show.

In typical Tyler, The Creator fashion, he made it into a spectacle.

After conducting the standard Q&A with Sam Rubin, the OFWGKTA frontman revealed he had a surprise as he cut the new anchor of in mid-sentence. “It’s birthday time,” he yelled as confetti fell, Jasper brought out a cake and Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” began to play.

When a confused Frank Buckley asked who’s birthday it was, he was meant with an animated response of “Everybody’s.” Only then, did the morning crew realize that the light aura of seriousness had exited stage left and they had become the latest contestants of one of Tyler’s viral antics.

Watch the video below. Pure comedy.

Photo: KTLA