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A Houston stripper named Jhonni Blaze claims Drake sent thugs to her place of business and home to threaten her. This story reeks of so much struggle, despair and THOTism, that we just had to share.

Here’s what we know, from reading Baller Alert’s story:

•The stripper’s name is Jhonni Blaze (Method Man should be mad) and claims her and Drake had unprotected sex, numerous times.

•Said stripper got mad when Drake flew out Lira Galore (seen here) to kick it with him (read: smash her cakes, too) in Toronto.

•Jhonni Blaze says Drake played the piano for her.

•Hurt that Drizzy flew Lira out to the T-Dot, she claims the rapper sent goons to her gig and home to threaten her not to put him on blast after she got all in her feelings on social media. She then went to the police.

•This Blaze character is the same woman who allegedly had a miscarriage while twerking on stage.

We’ll stop right there. About the only part of this story we don’t need to hear both sides about is the piano playing.

Check pics of Jhonni Blaze in the following pages, because the Internet.


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