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If there truly is a such a thing as “real Hip-Hop,” DJ Premier and Royce Da 5’9″‘s upcoming PRhyme album is looking to excel in it. The longtime collaborating duo have finally made their fruitful relationship into an impactful one with the formation of an official group. The premise is simply beats, rhymes, no gimmicks; no Second Coming of Gang Starr.

Since the features have been revealed, Premo and Nickel have deemed it appropriate to disclose the full tracklisting and artwork of the album. The front cover shows both artists seemingly as granite statues with chunks of their faces broken off. The album’s length tallies up with a succinct nine records, alluding to the notion that the fat was trimmed and the duo get straight to the money.

To further whet audience’s appetite until PRhyme’s December 9 release date, two tracks have been released in the promotional intro and media track, “Courtesy.”

Listen to both records below and hope over to the next page to see the album’s artwork and full tracklist. Pre-orders for the album are also available.

Photos: PRhyme Records

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