“To have longevity you have to change with Hip-Hop, it’s not going to change with you.”The Game

With a short and simple response from Jay-Z, the Brooklyn rapper has put the Game in overdrive as it relates to his ongoing beef with Jigga.

In a recent interview on Tim Westwood, in relation to Game, Jay simply called the West Coast rapper a “groupie” and that he just needed to get over it in reference to the reported intro to The Blueprint III.

It seemed that’s all Game needed was an inch from Jay as he went into Go mode with his response on Virginia’s radio station 103Jamz with the Buddha Brothers Morning Show.

In reference to his rising campaign of shouting out “F*** Jay-Z” at shows, he stated that he was surprised that people were so quick to join with him in proclaiming it as if they had been waiting to say it for some time.

“As soon as I came out with the whole “F*** Jay-Z” thing, everybody jumped on. It even surprised me because I’m thinking that everybody’s gonna be like “F*** Game” and “Game’s just hating” but it was a pretty cool split with half being Roc-A-Fella this and that and the other half saying that Jay is old and washed.”

Game stated that the underlying problem with Hov is his inability to accept that his age is only getting higher and he must accept the fact that he is aging.

“Some people just don’t want to get old. He got a problem like my dad got that problem. My dad is still trying to be young, still rocking fitted caps and I’m like ‘pops you 60 man, you gotta chill’. Jay has that problem and he doesn’t want to get old.”

As Jay has previously called himself the Michael Jordan of recording, the Game has compared him to the basketball legend, but has added that as time progressed even Jordan fell far from where he once was when he was at the pinnacle of his game. Even for a player of his caliber, times have changed and age has worn the legend down.

“To put it in shorter words, this whole Jay-Z debacle between me and him is basically Michael Jordan stepping on the court today with Kobe. Don’t get me wrong, Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever. We watched him put the tongue out and smash on everybody and take six championships, but that was then. The he tries to come back and do it again for the Wizards, but he’s old, he’s got a couple of gray hairs, he ain’t moving as fast as he used to and the points are down. He kind of tarnished his legacy and that’s what Jay is doing right now and trying to play for the Wizards. He’s trying to show people he can still go when he really needs to just sit his old a*s somewhere and just let the new ni**as make their money.”

Game proceeded to touch on Jay not having children and stated that he could end Jay-Z as he has in other lyrical beefs. To hear the complete interview, click here:

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