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An former president’s assassination made Olivia Pope fall for the oakie doke on last night’s (Oct. 31) episode for Scandal. For a woman who’s so smart, she’s pretty gullible.

Former President Cooper was assassinated by a man who claimed he was innocent. Too bad that was a lie. Liv took him on as a client, and even went so far as to run a ballistics test on the bullet (still lodged inside President Cooper’s body) to potentially prove her client innocent.

In the end, Liv learned that he wanted nothing more than to go down in history as one of the famed presidential assassins, and she fell for his schtick hook line and sinker.

Here’s the “shocker” though, that assassination wasn’t even the biggest part of the episode, it was Fitz acting like a pansy when Liv said she’d maybe consider being with him again.

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Photo: ABC

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