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T.I. and Jeezy have been getting real chummy as of late, and they revealed their method to the madness at Power 105’s Powerhouse last week.

The two Atlanta rap monarchs have a collaboration album in the works, tentatively titled Dope Boy Authority. When grilled by MTV, T.I. let it be known that the moon and the stars had finally aligned so that the two hitmakers can be on one accord musically.

“This is one of the first times that we are both putting our albums out around the same time,” he explained. “Now we can collectively come together and do something together. We already have probably about six or seven records already.”

T.I. just released his ninth studio album, Paperwork: The Motion Picture on October 21, with Jeezy’s seventh studio, Seen It All: The Autobiography preceding it by just a month and a half. The time is definitely now.

Hip-Hop album collaborations between two well-known parties are fairly common within the culture, and when done right, they can be dynamite for catalog building.

“Keep your eyes and your ears open,” Jeezy chimed in. “That’s my brother from another right there. We stay in our bag. So I would just stay focused if I was you.”

Peep the Dope Boy Authority certifications in the video below. Let us know how you think the album with hold up commercially and critically in the comment section below.

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