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Jean Grae has proven time and again that she can do whatever she wants, and the release of her latest audio project is a testament to her versatility. The formidable MC shifts gears with a new self-produced EP titled #5, and it’s a different sound for listeners who only know Grae’s music via her Hip-Hop releases.

As Grae artfully notes on her Bandcamp page, she handled everything on #5,  and she just might shock a few new fans with her expert singing voice. True blue fans of Grae already know that she sang on many of her past tracks, but this is the first project where she’s putting herself out there solely as a vocalist.

“This is #5. I felt like doing something else. So I did. I really enjoy song crafting. The producing, the recording, the writing, the mixing, the everything. It’s short, but grown. Love ya,” wrote Grae on her Bandcamp page.

Just to hammer the point home that she really held it down for self, Grae added, “Jean Grae did everything” in the credits portion of the project.

Grae has produced in times past, using the monikers Run Run Shaw and Nasain Nahmeen during her stints behind the boards. As an added bonus, #5 is just the first of two projects she’ll be releasing for November. The next project promises “all the raps” via a tweet from Grae.

Check out a stream of Jean Grae’s #5 EP below. Show your support and drop $8 bucks for the release.

Photo: Jean Grae