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Bobby Shumrda isn’t ready to let the buzz fade on his 2014 winner Shmoney Dance, so he’s infiltrated digital devices everywhere.

With that, the “Hot N****a” rapper is introducing the #ShmoneyGram App, a socially interactive way for fans to interject themselves into the Shmoney hype train. Want to toss Bobby’s hat with your grandma’s mug plastered onto it? Sure! It’s just one click away. Have the urge to get jiggy with Rihanna on her yacht? Shmon, it’s easy.

We opted to go with Bill Cosby dancing with Drake because the old man needs a bit of positive press these days.

The #ShmoneyGram app is free and it’s fun. Hit the gallery for a step-by-step breakdown if you’re only halfway interested. Everyone else will be bouncing like these folks in no time.

Photo: Epic Records

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