Clubhouse is all the wave, and it has no one to thank but Black creatives for its success.

A Siri shortcut now makes your iPhone even more essential during a police interaction.

With all of that popularity, there are now huge privacy and security concerns as the FBI, security experts, lawmakers, and sticklers for privacy point out the Zoom's glaring issue being that its security settings are not that secure. 

Adobe the makers of the powerful photo editing software Photoshop is working on an app that will help the casual camera phone photog take more creative images. The company announced a new app that will bring the editing software directly to your phone’s camera.

GOAT, the online sneaker marketplace, is expanding. Users will now be able to purchase the latest drip to match kicks they buy on the app.

Kobe Bryant hung up his basketball kicks, but that’s not keeping him out of the sports world definitely. The Mamba Sports Venture Lab, an arm of the Mamba Sports Academy which he is a partner off launching a new app to help athletes train.

Imagine being able to not just own a rare piece of art, an elusive pair of sneakers or the first edition of a comic book but to also own a share of it. A new investment app called Otis wants to make that happen for users.

What seemed like just harmless fun might actually be a huge security risk. Over the past two days, Twitter and Instagram timelines looked like a “retirement home” thanks to FaceApp, which takes a photo and ages it using its impressive face altering technology. After it was learned that app is Russia-based, Democratic Senator, Chuck Schumer […]

Today (May 17) global digital media company LiveXLive announced a newly redesigned version of its mobile app will be launching on iOS and Android devices.


Nike just obtained an app from Virgin Mega that might change the online shopping experience for their millions of customers. Whether it’s for the better or worse solely depends on the user.

Fans won’t be able to let go of Breaking Bad anytime soon so Aaron Paul has found a way to insert a little Jesse Pinkman into every iPhone across the globe. Unlike U2 however, this should be something that many who choose to download his free Yeah Bitch app amusing.

Bobby Shumrda isn’t ready to let the buzz fade on his 2014 winner Shmoney Dance, so he’s infiltrated digital devices everywhere.