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LyfeShare Aims To Take The Hassle Out of Estate Planning

Source: LyfeShare / LyfeShare App

Planning after a loved one passes is never an easy situation to deal with, both mentally and especially physically. LyfeShare aims to give users peace of mind during the process.

LyfeShare is an “innovative platform with patent-pending technology, dedicated to preserving and sharing your legacy.”

It allows users to securely upload, store, and share important documents that will be useful later, such as when a loved one dies or when you need to refer to critical financial documents to close certain accounts.

That’s not all you can upload; you can also share other essential documents that may get lost over time, like family recipes, photos, birth certificates, and more, to ensure you never forget your family’s history.

The app is the brainchild of Michael Swift and its other founders, who wanted to make estate planning and dealing with the end-of-life process easier, especially for Black and Brown people.

Speaking with AriseTV, Swift talked about creating Lyfeshare, telling the website, “Witnessing the undue burden and added pain caused by disorganized and inaccessible documents during a time of loss ignited the idea for LyfeShare.”

He continued, “The necessity for a solution became clear to create a platform that simplifies document management, safeguards legacies, and ensures critical information is readily accessible when needed most. LyfeShare is not just about storage. It’s about providing support, guidance, and peace of mind to individuals and families navigating life’s most challenging moments.”

How Much Does The Service Cost?

By heading to the website or through the downloaded app, you can sign up for three different prescription tiers: Basic, which starts at $7.99 per month; Standard, which costs $9.99 per month; and Premium, which costs $16.99.

Once subscribed, users will have access to other features like the “Buddys,” giving friends and other family members access to the information.

LyfeShare Features A Unique “Time Release Function” Exclusive To The App

LyfeShare App

Source: LyfeShare / LyfeShare App

LyfeShare’s patented “Time Release Function” will also be available to subscribers. This function gives users more control over their documents and when they will be available following a loved one’s passing.

Swift spoke about the feature, telling the website it’s “exclusive to LyfeShare, is our intellectual property, setting us apart from other legacy management platforms. It allows users to schedule the release of their documents and information to specific individuals at predetermined times in the future. It offers a strategic approach to legacy management, enabling users to ensure that their important information is shared according to their wishes, even after they’re no longer able to manage it themselves.”

He continued, “Personally, the time release function has changed my life by providing peace of mind and reassurance that my legacy will be managed and shared in the way I intend. It allows me to plan for the future with confidence, knowing that my loved ones will have access to the information they need, when they need it most. Additionally, the ability to schedule the release of information on important dates or milestones allows me to continue to be present and make a meaningful impact in the lives of my family and friends, even after I’m gone.”

LyfeShare is available for download on iOS and the Google Play Store.

You can also sign up by visiting the website.