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Mamba Rise App

Source: Mamba Sports Venture Lab / Mamba Rise

Kobe Bryant hung up his basketball kicks, but that’s not keeping him out of the sports world definitely. The Mamba Sports Venture Lab, an arm of the Mamba Sports Academy which he is a partner off launching a new app to help athletes train.

The Mamba Rise app will allow athletes of all levels to train anywhere and work on their cognitive processing, response speed, and sports IQ. For the first time ever, through the app, athletes can train like the professionals and practice their anticipation and decision-making skills on “real-life scenarios.” 

Mamba Rise is being billed as a “performance tool that allows you to train from the palm of your hand. Plus it “aims to enhance the way both youth and professionals train as individuals and as teams.” At launch, Rise will specifically focus on baseball, football, softball, and volleyball. The company states it is the product of “thousands of hours of research conducted with hundreds of youth and pro athletes. At current, numerous teams are using the product team-wide.”

Speaking on the Mamba Rise app, Jason Sada, CEO of Mamba Sports Venture Lab added:

“Mamba RISE represents the future of human performance training by enabling all athletes the ability to quickly develop core skills through high-speed repetitions and corrective feedback. The app will enable players at all levels to constantly improve at aspects of their craft anywhere, anytime.” 

Professional athletes and Rise ambassadors, Simone Lee and Pete Alonso also spoke on using the app.

“I’m really impressed with Mamba Rise,” said Simone Lee. “It’s clean, it’s fun, and most of all, I feel like it really offers a new way to improve your game without taking a toll on your body.” 

“The benefits of Mamba Rise were clear to me from the moment I first tried it,” Alonso, a baseball star added. “This is a tool that could benefit a lot of high schools, college, and even pro hitters.”

The Mamba Rise is now available in the Apple Store and offers both monthly and yearly memberships. You can head to for more information. No word if it will be coming to Android phones.

Photo: Mamba Sports Venture Lab / Mamba Rise