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Kim Kardashian is currently the talk of the Internet, obviously because she decided to show her husband’s bidness to the entire world.

While her critics are screaming she whored herself out to make more money, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Kanye West’s wifey didn’t get one red cent for her now infamous Paper magazine shoot.

Via TMZ:

Kim Kardashian’s ass is the biggest news in the world today — and that’s only somewhat overstated — but her wallet remains the same size … because we know she got bupkis for the pic.

Our sources at Paper Magazine say … Kim’s sole motivation was working with famed photog Jean-Paul Goude. The mag does not have the money to pay Kim her market value, so compensation was never really an option.

We now know the shoot went down during Paris Fashion Week in September. The plan was to shoot just one cover, but she and JPG hit it off so well they “got creative” and shot a lot more.

We’re told there’ll be more pics coming out later this week.

If the Internet survives until then, of course.

Now folks are likening Kim’s pic to absolute racism. That’s something that seems to be going on in the Kardashian clan a lot these days. Get it?

Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian