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It goes without saying that 2014 is officially the no country for Bill Cosby year. After becoming a reinvigorated magnet for serious rape allegations, the comedic icon forced Netflix’s hand and they’re putting his already filmed stand-up special, Bill Cosby 77 on ice, indefinitely. (Code speak for not never.)

Reports Vulture:

Netflix late Tuesday indefinitely shelved next week’s planned premiere of its Bill Cosby stand-up special, just hours after model Janice Dickinson became the latest woman to accuse the comic of rape.

“At this time we are postponing the launch of the new stand up comedy special Bill Cosby 77,” a Netflix spokesperson told Vulture and other media outlets which had been inquiring about the status of the project. As recently as Tuesday afternoon, the special was still slated to debut on the streaming service Nov. 28. But with Dickinson’s revelation on Entertainment Tonight making her the 15th — and most high-profile — Cosby accuser, Netflix execs clearly believed it no longer made sense to associate itself with the comic in such a high-profile way.

Netflix’s move will increase the pressure on NBC to say or do something about the Cosby-starring sitcom project it’s been developing. It’s almost impossible to imagine the project going forward; the only question now is when NBC will acknowledge that reality.

Meaning it’s time for ‘ol Bill to just accept his fate and bask in the reality that he’s never been charged for the any of the eye-popping accusations targeted at his character.

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