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Apparently, keeping family issues within the private sanctity of the home has become obsolete as more issues are starting to rise from the family of Luther Campbell a.k.a. Uncle Luke.

What was first sparked by his daughter on the show has now sent a domino effect with his eldest daughter now putting her father on trial for his inability to be a father at a crucial time for his 17-year-old son, Luther Campbell, Jr.

Although Luke addressed the situation briefly and felt it necessary to talk in private, it is becoming apparent that his children find this to be the only way to get through to him.

“He’s going through a really difficult time and he needs help and you’re here, you’re alive, you’re well.  You’re taking care of other people’s kids, so you can be there for him.

Is Uncle Luke trying to keep finding ways to avoid his family affairs or are his kids just trying to trying to get a few minutes under the spotlight at the expense of their father?