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As DeMarco Murray and the Dallas Cowboys impressively trounced the Chicago Bears last night on their own turf, Brennan Clay was back home reminding everyone that the star running back had trounced his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Earlier in the week, the former Oklahoma Sooner revealed to the world that he was undoubtedly sure that Murray had carried an affair with his Gina D’Agostini, his spouse of only a few months.

In the latest revelation, Clay tweets an explicit iChat screenshot that allegedly shows Murray asking permission to slay her in the couple’s own bed.

“Gina and Demarco’s exchange Oct. 5th after I kissed her two kids goodbye at the airport I left for my workout to the Chargers,” Clay tweeted before airing out the dirty laundry and giving Big Sean a nod for creating “IDFWU.”

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Murray rushed for a season-high 179 yards and a touchdown during his team’s 41-28 beatdown last night, and even Clay couldn’t hate on his performance. During the supposed search, he had discovered D’Agostini had hilariously–and cleverly–saved Murray’s name in her phone under “Spray Tan.” It isn’t know how he obtained this information but he gleefully tweeted “I ain’t gonna lie but spray tan is gettin off tonight,” followed by a “lol.”

D’Agostini’s social media account has seemingly been scrubbed of all activity but she did leave up a retweet from Chanel from 2013. If the allegations are proven to be true, that could speak volumes for her character.

Check out the drama in the gallery below so you know we didn’t make all this struggle up.

Photos: Brennan Clay/Twitter, Instagram

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