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Like him or not, people feel a way when Jay Electronica speaks; especially when he discusses polarizing matters like race in the United States. Taking to Twitter, his usual hub for speaking publicly, he shared his views on the aforementioned topic and President Barack Obama’s reaction (or lack thereof) to Eric Garner and Michael Brown’s deaths at the hands of police officers, who weren’t indicted for their actions.

“shut the f*ck up w all that we need peace talk. Peace ain’t gonna fall outta the sky,” Jay Elect wrote in his opening message. What followed was a diatribe that cites the wrong doings of government officials. “how do these guns find their way into our hands. did we raid the military bases and get them? do we manufacture them?,” he questioned.

Jay Elect didn’t stop there. He set his sights high, chastising the POTUS. “@barackobama you should be ashamed dog. not because you’re black, but cause you talked all that glorious shit when you were running for pres,” the New Orleans MC said.

But what followed is a question is one that’s echoed through segments of the Black community since Garner and Brown’s lives were taken: “@BarackObama I know as the president of the Usa you’re just a figurehead and can’t do much but damn man. where’s your voice and nuts?”

Again, whether or not you agree with Electronica, retweets say that his view resonated with some. Read his first tweet above and the remainder of his commentary on the following pages.

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