Hip-Hop Wired: Your core following have come to know under the moniker “Dosage” before you reintroduced yourself as Dayne Jordan. At what point did the name change become a viable decision?

Dayne Jordan: It was actually a smooth transition due to the fact that every since I released my first project, “Sand & Foam,” I have been making references to my real name. Honestly, I did that more than I used my stage name (Dosage).

HHW: Do you plan on rebranding the sound of your music to accompany the name change?

Dayne Jordan: I don’t plan on rebranding the sound, but I have put a lot of emphasis on expanding it.

HHW: Considering that a project is an audible piece of cinema, which song on In Progress best sums up what you were trying to accomplish on this body of work?

Dayne Jordan: I would have to say “Wash it Down.” That phrase alone speaks volumes for me because I once had a mentality that I couldn’t shake. It wasn’t until I began to travel when I realized it. I had to literally wash down my way of thinking. I don’t want to sound as if I’m being too philosophical but with water being considered to be one of the purest things known to man, it’s healthy to mentally be in the same space.

HHW: How did working with the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and James Poyser develop your creative approach when crafting songs?

Dayne Jordan: Both of them create unconsciously. They go in the studio and things just happen. I’ve seen James sit at a piano and play things that will make you want to make love to a women and then start a revolution within a few minutes. He’s a genius. Jeff is unpredictable. He has “tools” that he enjoys to use, but you never know what is going to come out of what he is crafting.

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