HHW: What’s one gem that DJ Jazy Jeff has taught you about the industry?

Dayne Jordan: Keep the music first and create without boundaries. He always talks about how easy it is to get lost in the industry and how important it is to stay focused on what got you there.

HHW: Philly, in particular, is a musical town, but one which at its height of prominence in the Rap never truly developed its own sound (Sigel, Eve, etc. signed with labels which had a sound in place). Sonically, do you see In Progress sparking that change in the city’s new crop of artists?

Dayne Jordan: It’s hard to say because I can never truly analyze the sound that everyone hears based upon what we create. When I’m in the studio, in most cases, I don’t even think about it. I enjoy going in with an open mind and doing what ever feels right at the moment. I guess time will tell…

HHW: What’s your current relationship with Lupe Fiasco?

Dayne Jordan: Lu is the big bro. He’s always showing love. Go and get his album Tetsuo & Youth 1/20/15!

HHW: What are three things you want listeners to get from In Progress?

Dayne Jordan: The truth first. Inspiration second. Passion third.


“Fellow” ft. Joi

“Lost” ft. Ebony Joi

“Play Dat!”

In Progress EP

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