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Yesterday (Dec. 15) Kim Kardashian broke the Internet as she’s known to do. However, the extra viral attention wasn’t in her favor this time around.

During a family outing to Disney On Ice in Los Angeles, Kanye West finished his tray of nachos and skated from the Staples Centers, leaving his two favorite ladies to fend for themselves. His wife and daughter made their way backstage to wear a selfie that was retweeted nearly 13,500 times would go on to make infamous headlines. It appeared that Kim Kardashian cropped North West out of the photo, giving her haters who feel she’s nothing more than shallow idolatry all the fuel they needed to burn her at the stake.

An astonished Kim responded:

But the damage had been done. Take a look at what the people had to say about the about the “selfish” selfie, oblivious that they made this struggle an actual news story.

Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

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